Dear customers,

I would like to introduce you Candles Mania story. The story has begun in summer 2015 in NYC when I first visited this amazing country. You know being just a 24 years old boy from a little country called the Czech Republic lead to that I totally fall in love with the American dream and lifestyle. All my life I wanted to be an entrepreneur and since I finished high school I have been trying so many businesses especially in my country. Experience from NYC where I saw what is a real business about caused that I decided to start own business in the US even I knew that it would be a difficult journey for me as a foreigner without any experience in the US.

My choice what business to start was pretty easy due to my family has family-owned candle business in my country. I decided to build this online candle store and offer all Americans our wonderful handmade candles.

All our candles are made with maximal care in the Czech Republic and we ship them to our warehouse in California. In 2019 we would like to expand and open our first stone candle store!

I hope that you will spend a fantastic time with our amazing candles!

Peter Brazda

Candles Mania quality

All our candles are made 100% handmade with care and we make them only from best and natural supplies

How to shop?

Find your favorite candle and pay your order with credit/debit card or use Paypal

When it comes to shipping we currently offer USPS but soon we will add Fedex as well. The cost of shipping is $3 for each package no matter ho many candles you order!

How to talk to us?

You can use form here or chat with us on our facebook!