About Us

Candles Mania proudly American candle store since 2018 also in US! We have been making candles since 2015 in Europe and very soon our candles have become very popular in Czech market where are currently all our candles made. Candles Mania offers pure quality collections of 100% handmade chakra candles, pillar candles, floating candles, love candles, tea lights, candle gifts and candle gift sets as well as so many shapes of scented and unscented candles.

From begining we have decided to use for our candles only high quality supplies from all around the world.

Our main goal is provide for our customers good quality candles combined with affordable price and we will gradually extend our candles collections for American market.

We currently sell our candles to all states in US. All candles are stored and then ship from our warehouse in USA.

Our probably most popular candles are chakra candles and if you’re not sure what are chakra candles, then this article will help you get basic information.