The Secret of the Chakra Candles

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Chakra Candles

In this article we will introduce magical chakra candles but before we will tell you how to use them and why they might be very helpful for your mental and physical health, we have to at first focus to an explanation what are chakras, where are they come from and what each chakra means.

Nowadays in our western world, many people buy chakra candles for their nice colored design and use them just like other candles in order to create a pleasant atmosphere in their homes. There is nothing wrong with that but once you discover a positive impact on your body and spirit you will become a true lover of chakra candles.

First of all, we are going to briefly introduce what is chakra. Chakra is the invisible center of energy placed in or around the human body. There are seven basic chakras positioned throughout your body and each chakra has own position and is represented by different color. The word Chakra comes from old Sanskrit language and the literal meaning is a wheel. The reason for that is because the life force in other word known as prana is spinning and rotating in your body in these chakras. More importantly, each chakra has different vibrational frequency and in particular, own very specific function and health impact to a particular part of your body or mental function. The first chakra starting at the base of your spine and the last one on the top of your had but don’t worry we will cover all of them later in this article.

When all your chakras are in balance then all chakras provide the right amount of life force to every part of your body, mind, and spirit. However, if any chakra is too open and the energy is too spinning or the chakra is too close and there is an insufficient amount of life force circulating then you might except suffering in some part of your body or organ for instance.

On a picture below you can see all seven chakras (be aware that seventh chakra is placed above the head and in this picture is shown as a bright light. You might be surprised that later when we will present the seventh chakra we are going to use purple color. Both variants are correct and in the spiritual world you can find both of them)

Meditating person sits and seven chakras appers on person's body


How to use Chakra Candles?

When it comes chakra meditation…

Seven Basic Chakras


1. Muladhara (Root Chakra) – Red Color – First Chakra

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and its responsibility is for your sense of security, safety and your survival. It is associated with basic needs as food, shelter, sleep, material safety. The first chakra is the main and fundamental center of energy in our body and its function is to provide the source of prana for other chakras.

If your root chakra is too close it might be very hard to feel safe in the world and every decision in your life looks like a potential risk. Very often person with blocked first chakra is under control of own fear.

On the other hand when your root chakra is overactive then fear might turn into paranoia or greed

This root chakra candle will help you keep the proper balance in your first chakra

              Root chakra pillar candle made from natural palm wax

2. Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra) – Orange Color – Second Chakra

Located in the pelvic area. The Sacral chakra is the second chakra and it is a center of sexuality, sensuality, passion, and pleasure. This chakra is also associated with water and flow.

Mainly associated with emotions, feelings, relationships, expression of sexuality, creativity, and fantasy. The sacral chakra is responsible for our sexual pleasure.

When the second chakra is in balance our relationship to the world, other people will be in harmony and it will give us pleasure. The imbalance of this chakra can manifest as a dependency with other people, being ruled by emotions, sexual obsessions but also lack of sexual desire and satisfaction.

In the link, you can buy our 100% handmade sacral chakra and avoid symptoms described above.


Sacral chakra pillar candle made from natural palm wax


3. Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra) – Yellow Color – Third Chakra

Vitality heightened intelligence, and personal power is represented by the third chakra.

The main characters associated with solar plexus chakra are will and personal power, mental abilities, the intellect, clarity of judgment, personal identity, personality, confidence, independence

The most important function is the ability to realize your will and goals

Typical signs your third chakra may be out of balance: your self-esteem is very low, you might have a problem with your social life. On the other hand, when solar plexus chakra is in balance you are assertive, you can very easily achieve your goals and you are in harmony with your surroundings.

Use this solar plexus chakra candle and enhance the function of the third chakra!

Solar plexus chakra pillar candle made from natural palm wax



4. Anahata (Heart Chakra) – Green Color – Fourth Chakra

Heart Chakra is closely connected to love and your emotion but also integration and compassion

Main meanings associated with the fourth chakra are love for oneself and other people, relationships, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, acceptance, transformation, the center of awareness

Typical signs your heart chakra works in a good way is that you are open to sharing the love and your relationships with others are on the best possible level. Lack of empathy, jealousy, being close to others may be typical symptoms when your heart chakra is blocked.

Burn our 100% handmade heart chakra candle in order to have better relationships and be more satisfied with yourself!

Heart chakra pillar candle made from natural palm wax


5. Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) – Blue Color – Fifth Chakra

Throat Chakra represents your sense for self-expression, expression of truth, creative expression, communication, perfect form, and patterns.

This fifth chakra is center of energy between the head and lower parts of the human body and it is responsible for self-expression and communication. The throat chakra is associated with the ability to express your truth, to speak out, good sense of timing and also verbal and non-verbal communication.

This chakra is also about the connection to your spirit and note that is very connected to the second sacral chakra.

When the fifth chakra is too close you are introvert and afraid to express yourself. On the other hand, too open throat chakra leads to nonstop talking, being verbally aggressive, not being able to keep secret, to keep your word.

The fifth chakra is all about communication and this wonderful blue throat chakra candle will help you solve the problems mentioned above.

Throat chakra pillar candle made from natural palm wax


6. Ajna (Third Eye Chakra) – Indigo Color – Sixth Chakra

 intuition, spirituality, higher wisdom, and greater understanding are represented by third eye chakra.

Third eye chakra pillar candle made from natural palm wax

7. Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) – Purple Color – Seventh Chakra

– It’s connected to consciousness and very important for connection with spirituality and spiritual wisdom

Crown chakra pillar candle made from natural palm wax


Colored Chakra Candles

Before we dive into the description of every chakra candle and its impact we will briefly introduce multi-colored chakra candles. For beginners or someone who is very busy but still wants to use chakra candles, we recommend our colored chakra candles which provide you a good amount of energy for each chakra and it will lead to a good balance of prana in every chakra. We have currently in stock these three different shapes of colored chakra candles. See the pictures below and click on them if you want to see more details.

Chakra small pillar candle made from natural palm waxChakra medium pillar candle made from natural palm wax

Chakra custom pillar candle made from natural palm wax

Enjoy Chakra Candles!
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